Enfermedad de Grave´s

I am worried.

Cancer runs in my family.

I feel shaky. My tremors are visible.

I feel like my body is on fire.

I feel apprehensive.

My heart is pounding up to my throat.

I sense skipping of my heart beats.

My body is always warm to touch.

I am covered with cold sweats

I feel hungry all the time.

Although I respond to my hunger excessively,

I am still losing weight.

What is wrong with me!

My mother had similar condition.

I need to see my doctor today.

I am scared of cancer.

Cancer killed my people in Africa.

My neck looks different from others.

I feel uneasy not to cover my neck.

My doctor examined me today.

He said I have Grave’s disease.

I asked my doctor who was Grave.

Dr Robert James Grave discovered

Some of my symptoms in 1835.

Later in 1840s Dr Basedow described most

Of the clinical manifestation of this disease.

My doctor explained to me that my symptoms

Are due to excessive synthesis of thyroid hormone.

And he also explained to me that my neck swelling is due to

Enlargement of my thyroid gland.

He referred me to a specialist for treatment.

I feel now reassured. My feeling of fear and apprehension

Is resolved.

Dr Mohamed Osman, MD

Physician & Artist

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